Friday, May 21, 2010

Daniel's 70 weeks--490 Years or 2400 years?

This chart that I made for our Wednesday night Bible study presents Daniel's 70 weeks as having been fulfilled in their entirety. It represents what is called a Preterist interpretation.

According to Futurist eschatology, Daniel's 70 weeks (or 490 years) has now added up to at least 2400 years. Makes you wonder why Daniel (or God for that matter) would even bother telling us any years at all. Futurists, for some reason not the least bit hinted at in the text, feel the need to separate the the last seven years from the first 483 for an indefinite period of time (they call it the Tribulation). It seems a shame that something stated so simply by Daniel could be so misunderstood by so many for so many decades. Why are we so desperate to insert teachings into the text that are just plainly absent. And they accuse us of not using a literal hermeneutic?!!

Just noticed a couple of typos, but I don't feel like fixing it at the moment.

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