Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Koran-Burning Idiot and the Slobbering Beast

Internet friend and Pastor Bob Bixby has a fascinating post at this link that gives some thoughts that many apparently have not considered.   I echo his assertion that the Koran-Burning Idiot (KBI) is an idiot for the same reasons that he provides.  I would add that the KBI's actions are militant in a worldly sense. The Church has no call to worldly militancy.  We do not fight with swords or spears, but with the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Gospel is our most powerful weapon, and it is to be given in love to all those who need it.  There is no Gospel in the actions of the KBI.  The man is not a wise man and he defames the Glory of God.

I find it all ironic, however, on two counts:  First, this man is doing something very unwise, but due to religious freedom and rights to free speech, this lack of wisdom is protected by our Constitution.  However, the world has been nearly united in condemning him, and many have called for forceful action to prevent him from exercising his foolishness.

The irony comes from the simple fact that another recent incident has also involved people doing something very unwise, but lawful,  in the name of religion.  What makes it ironic is that the most vocal opponents of the KBI have been very supportive of the unwise people in this other incident.  I speak of those who support those who desire to build a mosque near Ground Zero.   If the argument in favor of the mosque at Ground Zero goes like this, "I do not think it is wise for them to do this thing, but this is America, so they have the right,"  then the fact that the same standard is not applied to both situations reveals a telling inconsistency that is characteristic of the unbelieving mind.

However, I am personally far more outraged against the KBI than the Ground Zero Muslims, but not because his actions are an affront to another "legitimate" religion that so many are desperate to appease. I am outraged because the man is doing something in the name of our God that he has not commissioned us to do.  In my mind, he is violating the command of the One True God. But make no mistake, he is not violating Islam's Allah.  That Allah is a figment of the Muslim imagination and a false god.  Allah does not exist, therefore he cannot be violated.

2)  The second irony is pointed out in Bob's post, that this Koran burning incident, as unwise as it may be, reveals something that is being ignored by most of its critics--The Muslim religion is inherently a violent religion.  James White has called it "the Religion of Perpetual Outrage."   It has been outraged and violent from its inception 1500 years ago.  They have sought conversions by the power of the sword, according to the command of their imaginary god, throughout their history.  They have enforced his laws by the power of the sword.   Granted that the Christian religion has also been violent from time to time throughout history, but the difference is that violent Christians have disobeyed God's revealed will.  On the other hand, violent Muslims are simply obeying the revealed will of their god.  The Bible condemns both violent Christians and violent Muslims. Obedient Christians are not violent, but obedient Muslims are authorized to be murderers.   What then do we make of those Muslims who preach peace?  They simply disregard the revealed will of their god.  Those who spew threats and violence are more respectful of the Koran's teaching than those who preach peace.  There is nothing more noble and respectable about those who preach peace; both are prophets of a false religion.

The reaction of Muslims throughout the world has once again revealed the slobbering beast to those who have eyes to see.  They have revealed the true nature of their religion.  And yet, the world comes to their defense, even as Muslims who are true to their religion threaten violence in response.  Look up, Oh World!  Look up from your irrational outrage and religious denial and see the slobbering beast that is hiding in plain sight!

BTW, I am aware that the KBI has backed off at least temporarily because of a supposed deal between him and the Ground Zero Muslims (dubious).   He has attempted to draw attention to the Muslim world's reaction as a sort of justification for his foolishness.   Some might eventually suggest (perhaps even he himself) that this was the substance of his plan all along--to reveal the slobbering beast.  However, I don't believe he is wise enough to have planned this revelation. He is simply a fool.