Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Plot: B
Acting: A
Production Quality: A
Positive Elements: D
Negative Elements: D

GPA:  2.6

Comments:  Some movies exist simply for the spectacle.   Spectacle can be very entertaining, but it usually leaves the viewer with little more than a couple hour's rush and the momentary pleasure of seeing something new. If you enjoy spectacle, then I suppose it might be worth watching on that merit alone.  For Wanted, there is little else that commends it.   Eye-candy with nothing nutritious.  Spectacle lovers above a junior high level of maturity who can handle stylized movie violence could be entertained for at most the length of the movie.  It is a very violent, action movie, but it has presented itself all along as nothing more.  The special effects are amazing.  I might watch it again on DVD simply for the spectacle. But I won't expect more, and I wouldn't let my grammar age boys watch it. 

Brings to mind a question some Christians would ask:  Is mere spectacle, especially violent spectacle, with little else to commend it, wrong for a Christian to view?  I do not propose to answer the question here, but many would answer with an unequivocal yes.  I think the answer is much more complex and individual than that, but it is a question that needs to be asked nonetheless.

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  1. I'm skipping this one until it comes out as a rental, and even then I'll probably skip it.