Saturday, May 31, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Acting:  B
Plot:  D
Production Values:  B
Positive Elements:  C
Negative Elements:  A

GPA:  2.6

Comments:  Unfortunately for those of us whose pinnacle of early movie going experiences were the three Indiana Jones movies of the 80's, this movie cannot compare.  Perhaps the difference is that I am much older, less impressionable, and less filled with wonder anytime the lights dim and the previews start, but I really think the producers have failed to provide a movie that matches the wonder of the early films. Indy was practically an afterthought in the film, and the alien plot line stretched the incredible universe of Indiana Jones beyond credulity. 

From beginning to end, I was very disappointed that that visceral place of movie-going enjoyment was just never touched by this film.  That visceral place cannot really be explained.  It is a place that registers the movie-going experience without words.  It communicates to you that a movie is good even when you cannot explain why.  It also communicates when a movie is bad, even when words fail.  This movie just does not compare to the Indiana Jones mythos that was the pinnacle of my impressionable teenage movie experience. 

I suppose I would recommend a viewing on DVD, but it is hardly worth a theater visit.

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